Where I’ve gone, Where I’m going

These past couple of posts I’ve spent a lot of time whining. Although it’s definitely a character trait of mine, and perhaps an under appreciated life skill (?), I thought this time I can show you a few of the actual places I’ve visited so far since moving here. I haven’t been able to really dive into the nitty gritty of the city yet, but I have found time for some mini-excursions around some of the different neighborhoods.


Stadtpark is probably the largest, widest park in Hamburg. It’s right next to Winterhude, my beloved neighborhood where I rented my airbnb. Here there’s tons of scrappy dogs running around, BBQs, gelato trucks, a planetarium and wide open grassy areas. I’m not a photographer so I really should just stop while I’m ahead, but here’s some regular-joe pictures of a real put together park.


During my time in Hamburg, with each passing street, I get emotionally overwhelmed by the European quaintness. Those cobblestones! Those old buildings! Unintentionally I have taken three different pictures of the same kind of thing.


Look at those cobblestones glisten in the afternoon light!


After looking at the map repeatedly, I started noticing this REALLY large green area, double the size of Stadtpark, and only a few subway stops away. Why, I asked myself, Why would Stadtpark be considered the biggest park in Hamburg when there’s this thing that’s triple the size right around the corner?

Oh yeah, Sarah, that’s because it’s a


Holy moly. This place was huge. And lush and green and magnificent.


Every nook and cranny of this place was just…I don’t know how to put it. These Germans really know how to bury the dead. Instead of rows of tombstones, they had alcoves or hidden tombstones inside bushes. They occasionally had maze like hedges and oddly shaped markers. It was peaceful, beautiful, tragic and strange really. How can I feel such peace and simultaneously know I’m standing among thousands of dead people?


RIP Croissant. I will eat tiny dough versions of you in your memory.

Well, obviously I need to be better about going places. Sure I’ve drank many-a-coffee-and-milk at the cafes around here, but I need to branch out and go exploring a little more. It’s been really difficult making friends currently (I even attempted to go on an OKcupid date here…) but, even if I have to go solo, there is no point in moving to a foreign country if I’m not able to go out and enjoy it! Damn these nerves!


Much love and until next time,



Where I’ve gone, Where I’m going

2 thoughts on “Where I’ve gone, Where I’m going

  1. Shyleena says:

    Dear Sarah,

    I stumbled onto your blog as I googled “Introvert in Hamburg Germany”, because I wanted to do some research on what an introvert like myself could do on her next trip to Hamburg.
    I traveled to Hamburg in May this year and stayed until July. I had to fly back to Malaysia (my current country of residence although I am from Mauritius) due to paperwork, but I plan to move (hopefully permanently this time) to Hamburg this November.

    Hamburg left me in awe, and yes I also fell in love with the cobblestones and the orange brick houses/buildings. My favorite area is Uberseequartier, perhaps because it reminds me so much of my city, Port-Louis, where you can just sit and watch ships come in. Landungsbrücken is also a nice place to hang out at and if you would like to take a stroll, I would recommend Jungfernstieg.

    Thank you for sharing your experience, you got me curious about the Ohlsdorf Cemetary and I will definitely visit it on my next visit.

    I wish you all the fun an introvert can have 🙂


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